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Altitude Sickness

When trekking in Nepal Himalayas "Altitude related problems" are the important factors to be considered because there is always a real danger of mild to serious problems related to altitude and it is important that trekkers understand that they will be affected to a greater or lesser extent when they ascend to altitudes over about 3000 meters. Altitude sickness, often known as Acute mountain sickness (AIMS) and it means the effect of altitude on those who ascend too rapidly to an elevation of 3000 meters. The victim can develop severe symptoms very rapidly if the mild effects are ignored. We advise our clients to remember the following suggestion when you are on trekking in the high altitude areas above 3000 meters. The following are the basic symptoms of the altitude sickness and to avoid such sickness we recommend few important.
Symptoms of Altitude Sickness:
(i) Loss of appetite
(ii) Steep disturbance
(iii) Difficult to pass urine
(iv) Headache
(v) Irregular breathing
(vi) Nausea
(vii) Mild weakness
(viii) slight swelling of hands and face
(ix) Cannot stand upright without swaying while eyes are closed
(x) can hear a gurgling sound in the chest
(xi) Zero energy
What to do about Altitude Sickness?
Altitude sickness can be prevented by acclimatization; that is a graduate rate of ascent (not more than 400-500 meters), allowing sufficient rest at various intermediate altitudes. The day air of the mountains tends to dehydrate you so an increased fluid intake is necessary. Try to drink at least four liters of water a day. On the trail, you can drink hot garlic soup that will help you to some extent. When we reach to our destination it is better to make some hiking up to a bit higher point and come down to the camp or hotel. This is a really good way to get acclimatization. You may take Diamox 250 mg tablets the night before flying/going to altitude. Sometimes the symptoms often disappear and the trek can be resumed.


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