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Family Travellers in Nepal

Family travelers in Nepal are becoming very popular for a couple to travel with their children. We Himalayan Excursion Nepal have a range of holiday packages to cover all the needs of a family & allow them to enjoy the beauty & natural splendor of Nepal without having to worry about a thing. All the accommodation that we use is family friendly, the foot is clean & safe & our modes of transport are all reputable & secure. We tailor these packages to suit any families needs, we minimize travel time, allow plenty of relaxing time, provide plenty of stimulating & interesting activities that the whole family can enjoy & open up the culture of Nepal to your family to give you a holiday which you will never forget.
During this tours, you will be accompanied by a guide who will make sure you not get any problem, take care of the kids when you want to relax.And what a fantastic memory your kids will have, & what great stories they can tell when they return back to school with tales of rafting rivers,  riding elephants & seeing Mt. Everest, what a thrill for them in their young lives & what a great chance for them to meet children outside  their own culture & see how they live & learn, eat the food they eat & visit the temples which are main focal point of their culture.A family tour holiday is truly a rewarding a fulfilling event for any family & a holiday that will live & grow in your memories for a lifetime.


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