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Safety Guidelines

The purpose of our safety guidelines is to make your peace of mind. Nepal has been a very safe destination for any foreigners. That is why many foreigners visit this country again and again. As far as you concern the news from different international Medias they show you only political upheavals in Nepal but in reality, you would find much better situation than perceive.
We recommend you to go through our following safety guidelines and stay tune with the latest happening.
The unique culture of Nepal is that the guests/tourists regarded as a God; that's why you will receive great hospitality in Nepal as many foreigners praise about this tradition. This proves that you will remain safe and treated well in Nepal.
Always find a reliable travel/trekking agency to travel in Nepal. For trekking always choose a registered responsible trekking agency. Never go alone for trekking. Always take a company of a guide.
Learn about travel health, safety, and travel insurance
Inform yourself on the climate, temperature, and environment of Nepal. It is also important to know about the diverse geographical nature of Nepal.
Make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance before you leave. to cover baggage, flight cancellation, and emergency medical care. Bear in mind that basic policies will not cover winter or extreme sports activities.
For long stays in Nepal get yourself registered with your country's consulate or embassy.
Speak to other travelers, locals or tourist information offices about which areas are safe to visit and places to avoid. There are some high passes trekking in Nepal in which normal trekker cannot go easily.
Preferably do not leave any valuables out in the open as temptation induces crime.Keep your passport, money and other important belongings in a secure place at all times. All the hotels provide safe to keep your valuables until you return from trekking.
Avoid wearing expensive jewelry while traveling and keep your money belt out sight. However, theft and crime is not a big problem in Nepal, particularly for tourist.
Do not carry too much in cash as far as possible. Make use of your credit cards instead.
Don't keep all your money in one place and make sure you have noted the numbers of your traveler's cheques so they can be replaced if they are stolen.
Drug-abuse, trafficking and sexual relations with children are strictly prohibited. Read and understand the terms and conditions of trekking/travel agency that you agreed. Ask every health related information that required for the activities that you are interested in. For any emergency while trekking does not hesitate to contact your travel agency. They are always ready for your help.


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