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Trekking Grade

Nepal is known as a Himalayan kingdom and here so many different trekking destinations.Our mountains have four trekking grades from easy-moderate to challenging which explains carefully level of tour suits you best for your level of fitness and physical capabilities.
Grade A (Easy Treks):
These are the easiest of our Himalayan treks, but still involve walking up and down hills, through on well-defined trails and with trekking days that rarely exceed 5 to 6 hours or more than 10 kilometers per day. Altitudes will not exceed more than 3,000 meters. All easy programs involve a maximum of one week's camping.
Grade B (Moderate Treks):
Trekking may involve walking up to 7 hours, occasionally more on moderate plus, traveling between 8 to 9 kilometers, over hilly terrain, on well-defined trails. Altitude will exceed 3,000m and sometimes reach over 5,000m. These trips involve camping/lodge stays of up to two weeks.
Grade C (strenuous Treks):
Physical preparation is essential as you will be walking up to 8 hours per day, sometimes on small tracks. Altitudes will often exceed 4,000 meters, with some days spent trekking above 5,000 meters. These trips involve camping for up to three weeks and sometimes longer.
Grade D (Challenging Treks):
These are challenging treks which include basic mountaineering above the snow line, using an ice axe, crampons, and ropes, under supervision and instruction from the trek leader. These trips require a high level of psychological and physical stamina. Prior trekking experience is certainly an advantage, though not essential.


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