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Tips for First Timers in Nepal

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A firm favorite destination among adventure travelers, Nepal is a sensory trip but, there are a few things about travelling in the country that can be surprising, difficult or even unpleasant if you are not prepared. Here are a few tips that can help you sail through your voyage with ease.


While it is possible to obtain a visa from an embassy before you arrive, most visitors opt for an on-arrival one which could lead to longer queues. Make sure you have a couple passport size photographs, a major foreign currency to pay the fee at hand. You may have to endure long hours at the domestic terminal too if you’re looking at delays and bad weather.


While venturing out of Kathmandu via road, distances on the map take on new meanings. Let go for any preconceived ideas of how long a journey should take based on how long it would back home. Winding roads of the hills and mountains are difficult and slow. You’ll understand why trekking in Nepal is as it is.

Kathmandu sightseeing tour

Kathmandu’s pollution is a growing menace. Dust and smog from vehicles, continuous road developments will not allow you to stroll around without a respiratory protective mask. While the country boasts pristine landscapes, it is always advised to ingest boiled or bottled drinking water.


Certainly, many mountain areas at high altitudes are cold in the winter and get quite a bit of snowfall but the average visitor is more likely to spend more time at lower altitudes. It’s much more sensible to come prepared with a few itinerary appropriate warmer layers than hauling a load of cold weather gear in your suitcase that you won’t end up using.


If hiking or trekking above 2,500 meters, it’s crucial to be aware of the risks of being in an oxygen depleted atmosphere. As you ascend the dangers become more evident which is why trekking itineraries should be built with appropriate time for acclimatization.

Ghorepani poonhill tekking in Annapurna region

Make sure to convert your USD/Euro currency to Nepali rupees as soon as possible. You’ll be using paper bills for your everyday travels and foreign card payments are hardly used for its high transaction fees.


Most restaurants’ and café’s in Nepal already have their service charges added to the bill which is why tipping is not necessary. The only exception will by your driver, trekking/tour guide and porters 





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